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Let Essay-Editor Correct Your Mistakes

Preparing a quality essay consists of several important steps. Verification is one of the most important and most difficult. Why? Because you spent a lot of effort preparing, collecting information, writing the essay itself. The text seems perfect for you! But this is where it’s easiest to make a grammatical mistake. You would like to send the task to your lecturer as soon as possible. Besides, checking it is also boring! Therefore, we offer you a correction service. 

The service will help you detect various types of mistakes up to complex ones, including dangling modifiers or run-on sentences.

For starters, we recommend you to take a break after writing. When you rest, check the text yourself. After that, enter your text in the form to fill out and click the “Check” button. The service will scan the material and detect mistakes. You will see underscores in the text. You will also see the suggested options for improving your text. Apply the best corrections and try to remember mistakes to avoid them in the future!

Upon completion of the editing, we recommend rechecking the text. You can check the document as much as you need until you achieve the best result.