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Try Our Simple and Reliable Plagiarism Checker

Fresh ideas and original thoughts are what is appreciated now among students and in the labor market. Therefore, no lecturer would like to see the same essay twice. To make sure that your work does not contain materials from other sources, check it on our plagiarism verification service.

You need only a few minutes and three simple steps:

  1. Insert your text in the field
  2. Click the “Check” button
  3. Get a report

The service analyzes data and scans millions of pages of different websites in a few seconds.

When the check is completed, you will receive a report with highlighted passages of text, sentences, or phrases that are found on other resources and require your attention. You will also receive a list of source references. This way, you will see which parts of the text should be adjusted or framed as a quote.

No more plagiarism issues! You can check the text as many times as you need to be sure you did it well. Keep in mind that the thoughts of a genius converge, so a certain percentage of plagiarism may be permissible. Check this information with your lecturer.